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Lazy Millionaires League – An opportunity for people. 


The CEO of Empower Network invited me for an interview so that other people can ask me questions about my business and my strategies. His words are kind and rewarding when he says I’m one of Empower’s best team builders and a humble leader that shares with others all the knowledge. It’s a fact that for people in the United States it’s easier to get started since all the information is in English. For Portuguese people is more complicated and that’s one of the reasons I’ve decided to build the movement Lazy Millionaires League. I wanted to give Portuguese people the same opportunities and information. All the information in the website is translated into three languages – Portuguese, English and Spanish. John comments that he has spent his anniversary with us and for the first time he was sang Happy Birthday in three different languages. This is amazing since it was Dave Wood’s vision for Empower that events could be done in countries he had never been to and languages he didn’t speak. In our events, people can experience enthusiasm and entrepreneurship and they fight to fulfill their dreams. Others can understand that even without speaking Portuguese.


My business is my life and my life is my business.


The interview happened in 3 AM of Portugal, so you can see my level of commitment. The first question he asked me was my meaning of ALL-IN and so I answer that I feel it like being the same as Mindset. This means that, when you really want something, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get it. The fact that we have our website translated into three languages is an example of that, since it is a complicated and very demanding process. But we do whatever it needs to be done. This mentally is extremely important when you want to change your life by achieving your goals. So far time is concerned, you have to take all the time it needs so it is done. You can put a deadline on it. If it takes 10 years, then so be it. One of the things I always have in mind is My business is my life and my life is my business. If you think like this, you won’t have any doubts regarding if you take the training or not, if you go to live events or not or if you take a Skype call at 3 in the morning. You just do it because it’s what has to be done, because it’s your life. Period.


LML also stands for LIFE MEANS LAUGH

The magic about all this is to make things and have fun at the same time. And it was exactly what John asked me next, what role does fun play in my business. If it’s boring, people will leave. It’s has simple has that. No matter how much money they earn, they’ll leave. Their life is boring enough and they come to our events to change it. One of the things I hear is “I have to pay the price “and personally I don’t agree. I think you should enjoy the price. You should have fun in everything you do. You have a goal and it’s extremely rewarding to achieve It but you also have to enjoy the journey and you have to build a path worth remembering.


Help Others Helping You

The people that want to be All-In aren’t looking for a job, they’re looking for a new life, an opportunity to make things differently. John asked me what the most common trades on this business are. Dave always talks about this and I couldn’t agree more. You need to have a very big vision and a bid dream for your life. You need to fill the hunger for success. Everything that I built was based on my vision that is to be all together with my family and friends and have fun all the way to it. In the meanwhile, it’s good to be able to help others achieving their dreams. I love to be the Facilitator to help others reach their goals. This is no poetry, this is how I live my life every day.


I Do Whatever It Takes, Even Jumping Over Board

John mentioned that he came to the event we prepared where I and my team had taken two gigantic party boats, filled with people. We were going to have a barbecue and some cocktails. I know that my team loves boat parties but the thing is I get seasick. Even though, I joined them but then came a moment where I couldn’t handle it anymore so I just put on a life vest and I jumped overboard. It has scary and fun at the same time but with this episode you can see how committed I am to my team and friends. When you are committed to your dreams and you don’t play around with them, everything gets very clear. When I started in Empower, I didn’t have any money because I had invested all of it in another project. Then I found out that there was a guy on the other side of the ocean that shared the same vision as me. I knew that the system was 20 bucks and I gave up everything and started this journey. So if you don’t have any money that’s not the problem because you still have solutions. I settled my mind into solution mode and knew that I needed to be All-In. I didn’t think about if I was going to get the money back because I had to do whatever it took. If you think like this, you don’t waste any time, you just spend it on finding solutions. It was really hard for me to get the money but I did it. If someone comes to me in a very bad financial situation I just ask her/him if he/she have a dream and if he/she really wants to change his/her life. If so, then look up for the solution.


Lazy Millionaires is also about charity 

It was also very kind of John to talk about my wonderful family, not only my wife and kids, but all the Lazy Millionaires family. He could feel the level of commitment, focus and energy placed in helping those last fortunate. He was referring to our charity program that is a very important part of my life. I have the goal of earning 2 million dollars and in the process of doing so I help others. I was given so much opportunities that I feel the need to give back and that’s where Guiné Bissau comes. We need to help ourselves in order to help others. Every once a year, after coming back from Empower’s event, we set up a caravan, drive all through the Sahara Desert to Guiné Bissau. We take 4 ambulances and 50 cars, all bought by the Lazy Millionaires members, and we fill them with medical supplies, books and other resources. This is a life changing experience and it’s all thanks to Empower. All the people that experience this journey will never leave our team because it’s simply amazing. Besides that, all Lazy Millionaires member support an orphan child and if for some reason they can’t keep doing so, another member will take his/her place. We also sponsored the reconstruction of an orphanage. It’s simply amazing how rewarding you feel.


Everybody wants to know my secret

Michelle Shaeffer, from Inquiring Minds, also had some questions for me. It’s amazing the amount of people that were watching the interview and wanted to participate. I felt really happy. It’s also really good to know that the Lazy Millionaires inspired Michelle when she first started in Empower. I was asked what I offer people besides money so that they engage with me. All this team spirit is not entirely my fault. There are lots and lots of team members responsible for that. Also, what I speak about in my videos and emails is not just theory, it’s just what I do and people see my results. I’m not technical. They believe in my vision and they see the results for themselves. I also advise those of you who know people that are about to be All-In not to pressure them. They have to see things for themselves. You just need to ask them the right questions such as what are their dreams and if they are really serious about it. Never decide for them. Let them decide. What I advise you is to purchase the training in Top Producer Formula and learn how to make the right questions. Ask the questions and they will decide for themselves. Also, be confident about yourself. People don’t believe in themselves but if they believe in you it’s easier for them to make a decision. Imagine that you are about to climb aboard a plane and you know the pilot is drunk and has no idea what he’s doing. You don’t climb, do you? It’s the same exact thing. You can’t show people that you are afraid. If you have a vision and you know what you are doing, people will follow you. Period.
I was also asked how do I advertise and spread the word about my events. It’s easy. First of all, only members come to our events. To start with, it’s very important that you make weekly webinars even if you have only one person in your team. David Wood taught me that. When we started, there weren’t any webinars in Portuguese or Spanish. We had to do our own and that was very important for us because we had to learn everything by ourselves. So besides Empower’s webinars, make your own. It is important that you stablish a connection between you and your team. You can have a communication channel in order to communicate with the group. After having that one first member, start making one webinar a week even if it’s only for 5 minutes. Then promote it. Who promotes goes to the bank. Who doesn’t, stays poor. 


2 Sales a Day Keep the Crisis Away

To conclude, in the beginning I asked my sponsor what I could do to achieve 30k a month and he told me to generate enough leads a day to make two sales a day. Do this constantly for the next 90 days. Then, he only talked to me again after I become All-In. I tried to talk to him but his assistant said I need to be All-In first. Very clever of him. So it’s simple. Do the same as I did. Generate 2 sales a day, make one blog post a day and send this blog post to your list. Make a broadcast. I lead by example. You don’t need to spend two hours in a webinar, teaching people something you’re not doing. Focus on your production and show your team your results. That’s what I did in the beginning and that’s exactly what I teach my team.

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